Turtle - Who Knows 
Turtle - Who Knows

So here we have another solo artist/producer (Jon Cooper) performing under an assumed name (Turtle) in order to retain some anonymity, one assumes. 'Who Knows' is the lead track off an EP that is being released at the end of the month and it's a blissfully woozy piece of chill out music in keeping with the likes of Sufjan Stevens which is fine by me. Glaswegian Cooper has mastered the art of creating an atmosphere before chucking a light beat under it to motor the tune home. This isn't the kind of song to get you ready for a night out but for a cold Sunday with a debilitating hangover, well, it's just perfect. It sounds like my head feels and that is unbelievably comforting.

Live Dates:

1st November - The Nest, London