The Fauns - Seven Hours (Invada Records) 
The Fauns - Seven Hours

If it's possible to fall in love with a voice then consider me smitten with the vocal talents of one Alison Garner. Ms Garner is the voice of atmospheric indie stompers The Fauns and hers is the angelic tone that drifts across the wall of noise that is created by the band with impressive gusto. 'Seven Hours' is, confusingly, a five minute long barrage on the senses but, much like standing in the face of a strong wind on a coastal wall, it is a barrage that I wholeheartedly welcome. As the sounds build and bass line rolls in like an Adam Clayton special, Garner's voice softly undulates on the waves of melody before the storm breaks and the crashing swathes of guitars toss her vocal around like a defiant ship in a storm. This is huge sounding music and may well be destined to become a montage bed on the BBC at some point in the future but in the meantime just close your eyes and turn to face the wind.