Mixtape Saints - Heavy Water EP 
Mixtape Saints - Heavy Water EP

When I were a boy, back in t'day, I used to get little postcards inside my CD and 7" singles that you would send off, prepaid natch, with your details on to get free stuff from your favourite indie bands (I got a limited edition single from Heavy Stereo once. Boom). Anyway, the address on 90% of these cards was in Leamington Spa and, until I received the EP from Mixtape Saints, that was literally the only fact I had in my fact bank about Leamington Spa. So, already Mixtape Saints have double my Leamington Spa knowledge by virtue of just being natives - well done chaps. This four track EP starts with a refreshingly up tempo 'Sleep' which has a nicely American punk-pop sound to it but with unmistakably English vocals and sensitivity. Track 2, 'Heavy Water', however starts with game changing distant gospel chant and handclaps that soon give way to a stuttering riff and an impassioned voice that sounds like Joe Strummer or an Anglicised Bruce Springsteen. This is passionate stuff with an earnest edge but it never crosses over in to the insincere or posing stature that you often get from a lot of US bands that stray too close to Emo. On 'Smoke, Mirrors and Misery' there's a definite hint of LWM favourites Crazy Arm in the folkish riffs and throat busting vocals which I am all for. Final track, 'In To The Storm' is an acoustic affair featuring the tuneful yet powerful vocals of Sam Maloney who leads the band like a general leader leading his troupes in to war. This is a genuinely engaging and talent laden EP that should get some attention heading the band's way but I'm not sure there's that one tune on there that will make these guys stand out in a fairly congested market place. I live to be proved wrong though. Just ask my girlfriend...

Live Dates:

2nd November - Zephyr Lounge, Royal Leamington Spa (EP Launch Party)

22nd November - O2 Academy, Birmingham w/ Sonic Boom Six