Katie Melua - The Love I'm Frightened Of (Dramatico Entertainment) 
Katie Melua - The Love I'm Frightened Of

Release Date: 28th October 2013

There are two things you need to know before I start this review; Firstly, I will review anything I get sent to review regardless of whether I love it or loathe it. Secondly, anyone who has talked to me about music will know that I have a particular confusion about why and how Katie Melua ever became as popular as she is. Nevertheless, my inbox contains Ms Melua's new single and I fully intended to review it as fairly as possible.....until at one minute and six seconds I am fed the following lyric "This is the love that can't be seen, no detailed instructions or Japanese symbols like you find on a washing machine". What has just happened, in my ears, is that Katie Melua has compared the complex and logic defying intricacies of the heart to the Japanese translation of the instructions to a washing machine. The music itself is a countrified ballad and Melua's voice is a nice, soothing tone but it's the lyrics that always seem to turn me off her songs. Melua neither manages to observe well enough to be quirky nor does she perform with enough lightness to allow you to laugh with her rather than at her. In the age old parlance of theatre auditioners, "Next!"