Katie Bulley - Chasing 
Katie Bulley - Chasing

It's never easy to go things alone when you've been part of something bigger for a long period of time but sometimes it's for the best. Katie Bulley spent years as part of Canadian popular beat-combo the Barettas but is now going it alone and this, her debut single, already proves that going solo was a smooth move. 'Chasing' is a laid back, smoky love song with a bluesy, breezy feel that brings to mind the likes of Jack Johnson or G Love and the Special Sauce. Bulley's style has a wonderfully sepia tone to it and you can almost hear the vinyl crackle in her voice (despite the fact that I'm listening to this via Bandcamp). And hey, any song that gets killer bees and sangria in to the lyrics is a winner in my book! Bulley's debut album, the appropriately named 'Lone Wolf', is out in 2014 and I think it could be one well worth checking out.

Listen/Download Free Here: https://katiebulley.bandcamp.com/

Live Dates:

2nd December - Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto