Ismael Clark - Let Me Introduce You To Ismael Clark 
Ismael Clark - Let Me Introduce You To Ismael Clark

These days, everyone seems so slick with the way they communicate and even unsigned bands send out Electronic Press Kits with links to their video biography and a documentary of that time they went quad biking with Damon Hill. So, to get an email from a musician that says, in no uncertain terms, "please review my music but if you don't like then please don't publish it" is refreshingly honest and I am a sucker for that in the music industry these days. Needless to say, the fact that you're reading this means that Catalan import Ismael Clark is right up my musical street.

'So Loud So Low' opens this five track collection with a mixture of Jose Gonzalez, Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen but not a hint of a Spanish accent. Following straight after is the country blues stomp of 'I Still Owe You A Duel' which is a great song title for starters but is also great little acoustic fuelled romped that James Morrison would love to have thought up. My favourite track on this collection comes, oddly, smack bang in the middle in the shape of 'And God Rained The Quail' which has a circular, almost flamenco style riff smothered in impassioned and passionate vocals that are themselves dripping in smoke, liquor and experience. The darkly jaunty lilt of 'Golden Calf' should be used to soundtrack the opening of a film depicting a contract killer getting up on the morning and going through his normal routine before embarking on a day's killing. And lastly, but not leastly (yes it's a word),  we have the gentle piano waltz of 'Funes', yet again featuring the dusky, seductive tones of Mr Clark. Ismael has an original sound and a variety of styles within just five songs that most artists don't achieve in a whole album so I look forward to hearing more from our new Spanish neighbour.

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