Francobollo - We're Going To... Rio (Moonshiner Records) 
Francobollo - We're Going To...Rio

Release Date: 25th November 2013

Here we have a new single made by two guys who dress up as the former Spanish dictator Franco and Bollo the ape from the Mighty Boosh. Or five guys from Sweden but now living in Finsbury Park. The latter might seem more plausible on paper but when you hear 'We're Going To...Rio' it could easily be written and performed by two nutters in fancy dress. Or it could just be the weirdest ever attempt at writing a world cup song. The rumbling, brooding bassline suggests that this is going to be a moody rock beast but soon the gentle, circular guitar riff comes in and then Super Furry Animals style vocals and it all becomes clear. This bonkers indie at its best and, if I didn't know these guys were Swedes, I would have put money on them being Welsh such are the similarities to the likes of SFA and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. There are also at least two false endings and a weirdly spooky piano outro which all add to the quirk of this song.  Bonkers but in a great way, that's the best way to sum that up I think!

Live Dates:
31st October - Queen Of Hoxton, London
23rd November - The Lock Taverns, London (Single Launch)

28th November - The Four Bars, Cardiff