Forever Cult - Fuxx EP (Clue Reords) 
Forever Cult - Fuxx EP

Release Date: 7th October 2013

Two of my favourite new artists of the year, Narcs and Allusondrugs, have been nurtured and developed by Clue Records so when I was sent the new EP by another of their artists, Forever Cult, I was understandably moist with anticipation. Fortunately, the Yorkshire trio don't disappoint with this three track EP that shows off their effortless ability to fuse punk tendencies and melodic leanings with a mid-Atlantic drawl. Opening track 'Sinking' has elements of Engine 88 and the Wrens about it whilst remaining resolutely indie at the same time. 'Graves', however, has more of an Arctic Monkeys feel about it, with a lip curl sneer and a sense of the glamorous - despite the song title. Final track 'Luck' (not big on long titles, Forever Cult) starts as a lament with swagger but soon becomes a chugging juggernaut of a love song that many a band would be glad to have on their albums. I'm holding on to the hope that Clue Records are going to put together some kind of label tour otherwise it's going to take me an awful long to catch all three of their future stars live from my outpost here in the Westcountry. Go on Clue, you know you want to...

Live Dates:
19th October - Carpe Diem, Leeds
26th October - Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds
30th October - Bar 1:22, Huddersfield w/Allusondrugs
29th November - Black Bull, Castleford w/Allusondrugs

13th December - The Cockpit, Leeds w/Allusondrugs