Allusondrugs - My Cat/Fruit (Clue Records) 
Allusondrugs - My Cat/Fruit

Release Date: 11th November 2013

Now, call me a softy but I wouldn't have expected a song called 'My Cat' to be a churning, seething, juggernaut of a rock beast ready to chew up everything in its path. Unless, of course, the cat in question was actually a genetically modified Panther with a particularly sore head and a revenge on its mind. Then again, Allusondrugs are a band that never fail to surprise me with their inventiveness and willingness to go to those dark and heavy places that other bands are too scared to approach. The hypnotic bassline alone is enough to convince me that that this is a great song on first listen, not to mention the huge guitars and vocal melody holding together in the face of an audio hurricane. 'Fruit' is a lighter piece of music with bouncy, riff heavy guitars and an almost haunting vocal that is borderline prog but just the right side so as not to be self indulgent. Having said that, the lyric "pull my skin off and gather my bones" suggests these guys are either listening to way too much early Genesis and Pink Floyd, smoking too much weed or watching too much obscure Japanese cinema. Or all three - let's face it, we've all had Sundays like that, right? No? Just me then...

Live Dates:
26th October - Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds
30th October - Bar 1:22, Huddersfield
1st November - The Black Bull, Castleford
29th November - The Black Bull, Castleford
30th November - Escobar, Leeds
13th December - The Cockpit, Leeds

15th December - The Wardrobe, Leeds