TDeL2 - Fearless Youth (Monkey Records) 
TDeL2 - Fearless Youth

TDeL2 is the pseudonym of Nebraskan solo act Tony De Luca who is plying a fairly unique trade in what I'm going to call emo-electro. 'Fearless Youth' is a subtle, gentle song that wouldn't stand out a million miles if played on an acoustic guitar but the fact that the whole melody is played out on thick, rich, velvety synthesizers with dub-step beats slowed down to a relaxed heart beat gives this a different feel. Think Royksopp duetting with Jose Gonzalez with some vocoder heavy but subdued vocals and a wistful, almost tender vibe and you're pretty much there. This is genuinely intriguing stuff and I'm looking forward to seeing if the album is more of the same or if TDeL2 has a broader range for us to enjoy.