Swim - Let It Go (Little Red Records) 
Swim - Let It Go

Release Date: 16th September 2013

For a long time, let's call it ten years for the sake of argument, the London unsigned or undiscovered music scene was my bread and butter. I've seen more bands 'starting out' than I've had kebabs and if you've ever seen you'll know I like a kebab or two. For the most part, it was a case of having to wade through earnest, worthy acts lacking in inspiration, passion or basic social skills but every now and again you would come across a gem that would make it all worthwhile. There is a third category though and this, I feel, is where Swim come in. New single 'Let It Go' is an intriguing record and it is this category of intrigue that I am compelled to list the London boys in. Sure, the drums are perky, the guitars are sunnier than a trough of Sunny D and the bass pops like a mouthful of space dust. And,  yeah, the vocals are nicely layered with well worked harmonies and some genuinely interesting lyrics - but it's not enough. This song suggests that there are more ideas to come from Swim and more directions that they can go in which is exciting and frustrating in equal measure. Essentially, if this had been the first time I had seen Swim live I'd leave feeling like I wanted more (always leave the audience wanting more though, right?) and that there are exciting things to come but that gig wasn't quite it. I'd also get a kebab.