Supakid + Go feat. Ana Santos - You Get Me 
Supakid + Go - You Get Me

Release Date: 17th November 2013

It always makes me slightly nervous when you get a press release chock full of impressive facts about the act your about to listen to, it's a lot to live up to. Supakid + Go (aka brothers Rafael and Greg Harley) have been session musicians for the likes of Rhianna (as well as the less impressive Chris Brown and Pixie Lott) so the guys have obviously got chops and know their stuff. Latest single, 'You Get Me', is an intense and bass heavy experience with sultry, dreamy vocals courtesy of Ana Santos. My only beef with it is that it doesn't really go anywhere; there aren't the peaks or troughs you might hope for and, despite the deep, deep bass line, it doesn't quite do enough to get my head bobbing or my ribs shaking.