Snakadaktal  - Fall Underneath 
Snakadaktal - Fall Underneath

Sometimes you hear a tune under a trailer for the new series of Skins or the BBC's latest attempt at being cool and for 20 seconds you thing "this is nice, is this Sigur Ros?" and then the Big Bang Theory comes on and you forget all about it. 'Fall Underneath' by Aussie collective Snakadaktal is one such tune but this time you get to hear the whole thing...which is nice. The gentle groove, plucked guitars and pulsing bassline are all wrapped up in a swathe of synths and topped off with a sultry, seductive yet somnambulant vocal that drifts through the air and in to your subconscious. For those discovering Chic through Daft Punk but want something more relaxed or for those who love Sleigh Bells but just wish they weren't so intense, Snakadaktal are surely for you. Surely.