Sawsound - Dreamcatcher 
Sawsound - Dreamcatcher

Release Date: 2nd September

The possibility of parallel universes is a wonderful thing to ponder of a Monday evening after a busy day at the day job. This particular Monday, I find myself wondering what would have happened if Tony Wright, erstwhile Terrorvision frontman of 90s fame, had moved to the West Coast of America in the early 90s and fallen in with the scene that was burgeoning there alongside Grunge. The complexities and intricacies of 'Dreamcatcher' suggest a more expansive way of looking at music than we usually experience in the UK but the vocals of Simon Whitton are gloriously rooted in the Northern half of Blighty (Leeds to be precise) which creates a gorgeous juxtaposition. I feel like I want to turn the music up a notch in terms of volume and tempo, maybe undo the leashes a little and let things fly a bit more, but otherwise this is an interesting, almost Fleetwood Mac-esque number that has a bewitching quality about.

Live Dates:

14th September - Carpe Diem, Leeds