Polar Nights - Two Moons Demo 
Polar Nights - Two Moons

I have to admit, for the first fifty four seconds of this tune I was getting ready to write another "don't put music on the web until it's any good" ranty review. The bizarre electric piano introduction is ill advised at best and out of time at worst but after that things get a tad better. 'Two Moons' is basically Polar Nights doing their best Biffy Clyro impression but with cleaner vocals and some more metal leanings that are, again, slightly ill advised. The Neath trio are obviously just at thin thinnest end of their career wedge so there is a long way to and they obviously have plenty of ideas (more than can be said for so many established acts these days) but they just need to learn which ones are good ideas and which ones should be kept for their ears only. Promising stuff though and I'd love to hear if they can retain such clarity of sound in the live arena or whether they've just got really good sound engineers at their local studio.