Poeticat - Kind Words Soft Kill/Centre Of The Concrete Square' 
Poeticat - Kind Words Soft Kill/Centre Of The Concrete Square

Release Date: 28th October

Don't ask me why but when I read that a band is being supported by the Arts Council it always makes me a little nervous. It's a similar feeling to when your parents recommend a band or your school teacher introduces a 'special assembly' with some 'musicians'. Then, when you read in the press release that this a fusion of spoken word and music, the death knell of quality is surely upon us. No good can be found here, surely? Well, as always, I'm willing to give the music a chance to speak for itself so I plunge in to first track 'Kind Words Soft Kill' which initially sounds like Kate Nash doing a travel report over some mood music that Tricky knocked up in one of his calmer moments. As the song progresses the atmosphere becomes increasingly tense and operatic vocals along with some sinister guitar work all adds to the building layers of sounds and noises the creep towards a reluctant crescendo. 'Centre Of The Concrete Square' is more recognisable 'song' if you like that sort of thing with a mood that is somewhere between System Of A Down and Atoms For Peace with those distinctive Nash-esque lyrics/prose waging an ironic class war on the listener. There is nothing that I hate about this music and I applaud the general originality of the compositions but I just can't imagine a scenario on any day throughout the year when I might think to myself "What do I want to listen to right now? I know, I fancy a bit of Poeticat". Having said that, I can see myself hanging around a tent at a mid-sized festival with a pint of cider and listening to what they have to say or play so it's not a total waste of time...