Kobadelta - Ritual (Time Flies) 
Kobadelta - Ritual (Time Flies)

Newcastle's favourite groove riders are back with their organ smothered, Doors on a down day rock and I, for one, am pretty chuffed about that. 'Ritual' sees the quintet marry the thunderous inevitability of Muse at their heaviest, Jim Morrison at his preachiest and the Black Keys at their sexiest. The result is a relentless, insistent tumult of riffs, bone rattling drums and the lingering sensation that if you let any young female listen to this they might just find themselves, 9 months later, giving birth to a black hearted baby. The B-side to this single, the wonderfully titled 'Underestimation', starts with a bass riff soaked in distortion before the shuffle of the Stone Roses-esque drums enter the room and the guitars buzzsaw in to join that fat ol' bassline. All this is then liberally slathered in Dom Noble's treacly and seductive vocals to provide what must surely be the soundtrack to a seedy bar scene in the next Tarantino film - this time starring Sam Rockwell, seriously the guy needs a starring role. As the song builds to a frenetic crescendo, I have to remind myself that this is just the B-side and question why this single was not considered a AA-side. Either way, these guys are proving their consistency so a full album must surely be the next logical step. Yes? Good. I thought so.

Listen/Download Free Here: https://soundcloud.com/kobadelta

Live Dates:

18th October - Heart Attack & Vine, Newcastle