Kitrocket - She's French (Godmonkey Records) 
Kitrocket - She's French

Release Date: 7th October

Some things are inevitable. Your car will break down when you are in a hurry, you will run out of money at exactly the moment you get a dead cert tip for the winning horse you will meet your perfect girl the day after agreeing to go out with her best friend and some rhyming couplets are writ largeon the wall by the time the first bar is over. Kitrocket's single, 'She's French', is slice of 90s indie pop, the kind Let Loose would come up with, about a girl....who is French. The trouble is, the second the words "She's French, she's insane" are uttered, anyone with a GCSE in French and English Language can spot that the next six words are going to be something along the lines of "She's French, as in la Seine". It's not a bad song and there is a catchy enough melody to it but I just can't see it troubling either the pop, indie or alternative markets in any serious way.

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