Inherit The Stars - Ground Zero (Ambicon Records) 
Inherit The Stars - Ground Zero

If you want big, fast, distorted riffs with driving bass, pounding drums and vocals that range from the shouted to the melodic you usually have to go to America to find Fall Out Boy or Linkin Park. Now you go to Sheffield, take Inherit The Stars a homemade cake and I'm sure they'll be glad to oblige. 'Ground Zero' is the ambitious new single from the Yorkshire lads and you can call it metalcore, alt rock or anything you like but all you need to know is that it's loud, it's driven, it's melodic and it's got huge, hairy metal balls. Give these guys enough coverage and I can disaffected teens all over the country covering their suburban bedroom walls in posters of these guys, writing the name of the lead singer in their college note books and sending the band weird, coded messages on Twitter.