Hana Piranha - Blue Skies (The Animal Farm) 
Hana Piranha - Blue Skies

Release Date: 2nd September

This is the third single I've been sent by New Zealand born, London residing, Violin toting rock queen Hana Piranha and I'm glad to hear that a full album is being recorded this autumn. You see, Ms Piranha, has a knack for writing songs with the drawling rock affectations of Patty Smith but the precision and poise of Regina Spektor or sadly underrated Rosie & The Gold Bug. 'Blue Skies' lifts a well known classical Violin melody (my Mum will kill me for not knowing it, I'm sure) and beefs it out with a punchy rhythm, big chords  and Piranhas vocal style which sits smack bang between sexy and aggressive which is the perfect combination for any front man or woman. I'm looking forward to hearing the album but I hope there isn't too much reliance on the Violin as Piranha risks becoming known as 'that chick with the Violin' when she has some very real and unique talent.

More information: http://www.hanapiranha.com/