Feet For Wings - Homes EP 
Feet For Wings - Homes

It's a Sunday night, the days are getting shorter, I have a belly full of beef stew and German beer and all is well with the world in a cosy, autumnal kind of way. What is this picture missing? The perfect soundtrack of course; enter Belfast quartet Feed For Wings. The band's Homes EP is sold by their press people as Indie Folk Pop and I'll take that as a starting point but their music is so much more wholesome than that. EP opener and title track, 'Homes', has an understated beauty about its gently strummed melody - like the difference between an audacious bunch of exotic flowers or some humble wild flowers that have been handpicked for your loved one (the latter will always go down better if you're with the right person). 'Cathedral Street' has a little more ambition as a song but it is still firmly rooted in a folky, almost country-esque style that is so appealing at this time of year. It may sound like an easy comparison to make but by the third track, 'Hold Your Tongue', you start to remember why people loved the Thrills so much for a brief period as the lilting, smooth melodies wash warmly over your tired bones and wrap you up in an blanket of sounds.

On 'Cutting My Teeth' Feet For Wings work through country, lounge, sombre indie and Jazz whilst maintaining a rock theme which is no mean feat. As the EP comes to a close with the gentle, warm acoustic tones of 'Winding Sheets', I feel utterly content with the world, the place that I'm in and the season that is developing around me. Now that might not be the most exciting thing to say but there is a place and a time for this music and when they collide at the right time then I'm as happy as a pig in muck with a fresh trough of swill.

Listen/Download Here: http://feetforwings.bandcamp.com/