Down The Review - Everything I Am Not (Ambicon Records) 
Down The Machine - Everything I Am Not

Stop the search, we've found Britain's answer to Audioslave. Now, whether you take that as good news or bad news is entirely up to you but the dark moods, the epic songs and the throat bleedingly intense vocals of Down The Machine's 'Everything I Am Not' are only missing the batshit crazy guitar solos of Mr Morello otherwise they'd be the spit of Rage Against The Machine #2. There's nothing unlikeable about this song for any fan of a good riff, such as myself, and the combination of rumbling drums and rolling bass line is as good as anything I've heard coming out of the rock scene in a very long time. An album's worth of material would be interesting to hear and, potentially, very good news for the UK rock scene.

Live Dates:
21st September - Gasworks, Bradford
22nd September - South Sea, Sheffield

23rd September - O'Rileys,  Kingston Upon Hull