Dott - Day That I Found You/Start All Over (Graveface Records) 
Dott - Day That I Found You/Start All Over

Do you like any of these bands: Best Coast, Breeders, Belly, Nature Set, Sleigh Bells, the Ronettes, Souvenir? Yes? Then you'll love Galway quartet Dott just as much as I do (and I haven't even finished listening to this yet). 'Day That I Found You' is the musical equivalent of love at first sight, the aural version of a blind date gone very right and sonic twin of that moment when someone tells you to open your previously closed eyes to reveal exactly what you were hoping for (and more) right in front of your eyes. Punchy drums, dreamy riffs and a fuzzy bassline all make the perfect platform for the three part vocals harmonies of Anna, Laura and Miriam and I defy you not to bob your head from side to side before this song is done with you. B-side 'Start All Over' has a bit more heartbreak about it and a dirtier bassline but those honey sweet vocals are still present and the drumming of token bloke(n) Tony is perfectly balanced between Motown and West Coast surf-pop. My only grievance, Dott have now made it difficult for me to pick my favourite Irish band of the year which was previously a one horse race featuring Dublin's September Girls. Who will I pick? Will it be a tie? Does anyone care? Probably Not. Anyway, it's a free download so go to the link below and make your life better. Trust me, I'm a Doctor (Who fan).

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