Deathline - Every Dying Breath (Rock Noir Recordings) 
Deathlines - Every Dying Breath

Release Date: 7th October

There are a lot of duos around at the moment and Deathline are another band using the 'three's a crowd' rule of recruitment. Forthcoming single 'Every Dying Breath' is a love song with the darkest of edges, dripping in thick tar and covered in electrically charged barbed wire. Undulating synths swoop over a rolling, pulsing bass line with intermittent guitars and vocals that fluctuate between bored and aggressive in the most wonderfully disturbing way. Essentially, this is a musical crank call to an American cheerleader on a dark night intended to initially arouse before frightening the life out of her.....right up until the phone line goes dead, the lights go out and the front door slowly swings open. Music this simultaneously seductive and sinister almost makes me wonder what these musicians are like down the pub - are they known to their friends as 'creepy Jeff' or are they the life and soul of party until there's only one other person left.....