Cassels - Our Faces On A Screen/Seasick 
Cassels - Our Faces On A Screen/Seasick

Every now and again, some band I've never heard of emails me to say how great they think the blog is and how they loved the latest review I wrote and would I write a review of their band's demo. Whilst this is good for swelling certain parts of my body, it is usually followed by listening to some piss weak attempt at being Foals or a group of Sales Managers trying to be the Kaiser Chiefs. Then, sometimes, a band like Cassels come along. Sure, they flattered my l'il ol' blog but hey, I kinda like it so why shouldn't other people, right? The demo this brotherly duo sent me, however, gives me the unusual opportunity to get all gushy in return - largely because it's face slappingly good. First track, 'Our Faces On A Screen' starts with 7 seconds of tightly plucked electric guitar that could one of two ways; awesome or Babyshambles. Luckily for everyone it goes in the direction of awesome as a riff the size of a bear thunders through the living room window propelled by the powerful drums for an assault on your senses. And then they start to sing; "If only empathy could strike, like a dagger like a knife, to the hearts of those that dream, solely of opulence and greed". So within the first 30 seconds Cassels have proven that they have brawn, brains, idealistic tendencies and musical talent. I'm sold. Seriously, where do I sign up. I don't even need to carry on listening, but I will... The Rage Against The Machine sized riffs continue along with Incubus meets Rueben phrasing and, lest we forget, this is all being done by a couple of brothers from Chipping Norton.

'Seasick' is a less immediate track but the delicacy of the song with its fuzzy guitars and almost Jazz style drumming bring to mind some of the greats such as Pavement or Sebadoh. Hang on though, this is actually anthem. Close your eyes and imagine you're at the back of a packed tent at a festival and that hundreds are repeating the word "sick" along with the band. This is an anthem for the meek as much as 'The Outdoor Type' or 'Loser' ever were. I hear so much music these days and I wouldn't change that for the world but the reason I write this blog is to find bands or artists at the beginning of their careers with genuine talent that I can help introduce to a wider audience. Cassels are a band like that so scroll down, click on the link and fall in love. Oh, and their surname? Beck. Musical greatness surely awaits.

Live Dates:

14th September - Nambucca, London