Blank Maps - Lucky Dip (Tiny Lights Recordings) 
Blank Maps - Lucky Dip

Release Date: 14th October

I like this. I don't love it but I definitely like it. There's something about it though that makes me think I could learn to love it. The subtle openings of 'Lucky Dip' are like a dew filled field on a sun splashed morning full of potential and hope. The sparse guitars, gentle bass, wistful strings and sleepy yet determined drum beat are like a giant awakening in the morning and when that giant wakes up, well, it all goes a little bit Coldplay. There are elements of the XX and Bastille in the mix as well as a hint of Foals and Maccabees to give 'Lucky Dip' a more edgy feel but, as much as it smoulders, the song never really ignites for me despite the promising start. The drums don't boom enough, the vocals don't soar to high enough heights and the guitars don't scythe through the air in the way you might hope. On the basis of the few songs I've heard, Blank Maps obviously have talent and ideas but I feel like handing this back to them and telling them to go away until they have made it epic, unmissable and essential listening because I think they have it in them to achieve that.

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Live Dates:

10th October - Heart Attack & Vine, Newcastle Upon Tyne
17th October - Heart Attack & Vine, Newcastle Upon Tyne
18th October - The Washington,  Sheffield
19th October - Fibbers, York

26th October - The Independent, Sunderland