Anne Brugiere - The French Pop Dream EP (Allez Allez Records) 
Anne Brugiere - The French Pop Dream  EP

OK, so I'm going to save some of you a little time here; this is the first English language release by 60s inspired French singer Anne Brugiere and the opening track is called 'Eurostar, the Musical'. Some of you will be absolutely captivated by these scant facts and others will have switched off already. For those of you still around, let's go on a little summer trip together where we can all fall in love, try some new food, buy some berets and drink far too much coffee. 'Eurostar, the Musical' is a whimsical and, at times, melancholy pop ditty that takes us on a European jaunt, coaxed along at all times but a coquettish and slightly perky French girl called Anne.

The other two tracks on this taster of the forthcoming album are in a similar vein, starting with the marvellously titled 'Tell Me Something You Never Told Anyone' which features the incredibly seductive line "I've waited so long to be the girl that brings you coffee in the morning". There is a grandiose feeling to the music despite it being firmly rooted in the world of indie which brings to mind the sadly missed My Life Story and Mansun. Neverhteless, the general vibe is entirely drenched in 60s French style and all the sultry, pouty, huge-eyed loveliness that this suggests. The third track, 'It's The Middle Of Winter But It Will Be Summer Soon' (that must surely sound sexier in French), has a forlorn, heartbroken feel to it with the production qualities of a tear jerking 80s ballad; in a word it's luscious. So if you like your music a little stylish but with substance to match and you daydream in black and white cine film then Anne Brugiere is the girl for you.

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