Waker Glass - Neighbourhood Party (Mersea Recordings) 
Waker Glass - Neighbourhood Party

There is nothing, literally nothing, guaranteed to put a smile on my face in the morning than checking my door mat to find a mystery parcel has arrived. Something unexpected and something that can't be a bill because bills come as letters, not parcels. Aside from the severed body part of a loved one or faecal matter, this can only be a good thing. In this instance, the parcel contained a delightfully orange 7" single from Canadian quartet Waker Glass. Of the two tracks on this lovely piece of vinyl, A-side 'Neighbourhood Party' is a bar room ballad of Pogues meets the Smiths proportions with a sinister edge perfectly embellished by Robert Earl Stewart's rasping, sand paper vocals. B-side, 'Widow's Walk' is an impassioned and pleading song of epic proportions which would probably worm its way in to my heart were it not for the fact that the chorus seems to be persistently out of tune - a preference for power over placement is perhaps misguided. However, I'm willing to overlook this slight error of judgement purely because they sent me cool stuff in the post, the little lovelies.

More information: www.wakerglass.com