Violent Soho – In The Aisle (I Oh You Records) 
Violent Soho - In The Aisle

Some bands sound like the country they come from and some sound like they were just born in the wrong place. You want examples? OK. To my ears, Biffy Clyro and the Proclaimers sound very, very Scottish but Swim Deep sound like they should be from the West Coast of America and Daft Punk should be Mexican. Don't agree? Write a letter to someone who cares and then post it to yo mama!! Sorry, there was no need for that. I apologise. Anyhoo, the point I was trying to make is that Violent Soho do not sound like the Australians that they are but, rather, sound like Seattle indie-grungers and it is, therefore, no surprise that previous releases of theirs have been housed on the great Thurston Moore's imprint, Ecstatic Plastic. This new single, a mere prelude to next month's album, is an urgent, energetic and in your face three and a half minutes of fuzzy guitars, melodic harmonies and drums that repeatedly you punch you square in the senses. 'In The Aisle' sounds like every obscure 90s lo-fi indie-grunge band I loved and never heard from again but that's just the way I like it - an angry, messy, one-night stand of a song where both parties are fully aware of what they are getting themselves in for. The album, I would suggest, will be an altogether more long-term affair - a summer romance at the very least!

Live Dates:
14th August – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney (w/Bearhug)
15th August – Liberty Social, Melbourne (w/Damn Terran)
16th August – Crowbar, Brisbane (w/ Roku Music + Postblue)