Top Less - Danger Love 
Top Less - Danger Love

Release Date - 27th August 2013

The word awesome is often over used and used in the wrong way. So I won't use it here. No I will not. Instead, I will use the word gorgeous. And the word lush. And even, just maybe, the words rich and verdant. Top Less (have fun Googling them, by the way) are a collective of souls that met in Scotland but now reside in Canada and that certainly comes across in next single, 'Danger Love'. Sparse beats and percussion gently encourage this song along while sweeping strings undulate like the landscapes of the northern hemisphere before the lilting, wistful vocals arrive to play on the horizon like a wild deer at first light. There are shades of Kate Bush and Karen O to the vocals but also elements of the experimentalism in the music that brings to mind the likes of Gilbert, Boards of Canada, Lemon Jelly and Arcade Fire. Awesome, in its modern day usage, would be too flippant a word for a song of such resplendent beauty which is all the while modest and unassuming. The album, 'Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party', is out in a few weeks too but don't be put off by the title which sounds like the Vengaboys having a midlife crisis; this is important and worthwhile stuff.

Live Dates:

5th September - Venue, 881 Granville Street, Vancouver