The Scholars - Neon Sky (Stars) 
The Scholars - Neon Sky

Release Date: 30th September 2013

It's true, it's true. Dreams can really come true! It's's....oh, wait. Hang on a mo...................No, not quite. Close but no cigar. For a long time I've oft thought it would be just sublime if Dave Gahan, the baritoned sex weasel himself, collaborated with Muse on a track and I thought this was it. But it's not. It's The Scholars (from Oxford, see what they've done there?) and it's bloody good. 'Neon Sky (Stars)' is dark, brooding, trench coat wearing stuff with suaveness and swagger in equal amount as well as an aloof nature and a mischievous eyebrow. Put simply, this is the song Muse and Gahan should have written together and, as far as songs go, you should keep it the hell away from any impressionable young women you know - especially ones with daddy issues....