The Halamays - Overkill (February Records) 
The Halamays - Overkill

It's always a risk to work with the person you love, spending all day side-by-side is hard for the strongest of relationships but to then put that relationship through the emotional mill of being in a band together as well is pretty darn dangerous. But, for better or worse, that's what the Halamays do as this husband and wife couple make music together in both the biblical and literal sense (and yes, I can make that assumption as they have a new baby so they've done it at least once. So there, prudes). This three track EP is a dreamy, sugary pop triumph that could only have come from the USofA  (Columbus, OH, for all those Geography fans out there). Title track, 'Overkill', starts off like a Katy Perry tune before taking on the spirit of the Raincoats and going all lo-fi on our collective asses/ears. "Feelings are a mystery novel and I never cared for reading" give you an idea of the bittersweet lyrics that are played over the top of gentle keys, understated guitars and early 90s drum machine beats. Next up is 'Keeping It Together' which is dripping in 80s nostalgia, musically speaking, with all the tinny sound beats, plinky-plonky synths (technical term, that) and echo heavy vocals. 'With Arms Outstretched' completes the triumvirate of tunes with Katie's vocals wistfully dancing atop a rippling lake of synthesizers like a Tanya Donnelly electro project or how I imagine Katie Puckrik's mind to sound. If the marriage of the Halamays is half as good as the marriage of melodies and lyrics that they concoct then I predict a long, fruitful, happy and, frankly, super cool marriage.