Sisteray - Take It Away/Happy Endings (Staircase Records) 
Sisteray - Take It Away/Happy Endings

Release Date: 26th August 2013

I'm a little bit confused by Sisteray. Firstly, until I heard their music, I had them confused with one of Johnny Marr's earliest vehicles, Sister Ray. Then, when I read their press info, I was expecting a slick, Mod influenced slice of retro-rock but I got something quite different. You see, to me, 'Take It Away' is more akin to an early Arctic Monkeys or Libertines track with the ambitious but awkwardly played riffs, the studied indifference of the singer and the slightly overindulgent length, what with it being nearly 4 minutes long. One you'll notice with the Kinks is that they packed loads of ideas in to their songs and were as slick as slick can be but hardly ever went over 3 minutes. 'Happy Endings' starts with an almost Motown feel and, again, there are plenty of ideas here but those missed notes and dropped beats are pretty jarring on record. I know I've gone on about this before but it bears repeating (as the Hives said); just because it's easier to release recorded music these days it doesn't mean you should. Sisteray sound like they'd be a huge amount of fun to see live in a sweaty Camden bar on an October night but if my opinion counted for anything I'd tell them to hold off from releasing anything else until they've got 6 songs down well enough to play them whilst having sex.

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28th August - The Latest Music Bar, Brighton (w/DIGO + The Dates + Bear & The Woods)