Post Decartes - ...and some things we left along the way... 
Post Decartes - ...and some things we left along the way...

In the good old days, it was the Stereophonics that always came out with the wordy and usually nonsensical song or album titles. It seems that mantle has been taken up by Birmingham quartet Post Decartes as evidenced by their EP title '...and some things we left along the way...', but it gets better....or worse. You decide. Y'see, this five track collection begins with the bizarrely named 'Shakespeare Part 2: Everything Everyone Just Said Was Either Obvious Or Wrong' and what does this bizarrely named song start with? An air raid siren and Stephen Hawking, of course. For second time in less than a week, the influence of System Of A Down is evident as the hypnotic, neo-classical guitars whirl and twirl over furious basslines and pounding drums. Again, rather bizarrely, the next track is entitled 'Introducing...' and the instrumental noodlings are pleasant enough but fairly unnecessary in the grand scheme of things.  

Ready for another bat-shat crazy song title? Yeah? Well, how does 'I Think I'll Take My Chances With The Rage Badger' suit you? You heard me, the rage badger. It's another expansive, explorative piece of music with prog influences stamped all over it - the kind of stuff Muse would love to have a go at if they weren't so popular and pinned down by the expectations of an army of obsessive fans. 'Clockwork Before The Clock' is a more straight forward indie-grunge-rock tune reminding me of Pearl Jam at their more intriguing or early Incubus material. To finish up with, we're back to the bard on the seven minute behemoth that is 'What Does Shakespeare Do For Fun?'. There are plenty of ideas again and obvious musical ability but if I was at a gig and they started playing this I think that would probably be my cue to go and get a pint in - there's just nothing overly engaging about and at seven minutes long it just, well, it just goes on a bit. Post Decartes are certainly an acquired taste but for those who have suckled at the teat of progressive rock or strung out stoner rock there is much sustenance to be had here.

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