Parov Stelar feat. Marvin Gaye - Keep On Dancing (Dramatico/Etage Noir) 
Parov Stelar feat. Marvin Gaye - Keep On Dancing

Release Date: 21st October

I defy anyone not to have their attention grabbed by a single release from an unknown artist with the words 'featuring Marvin Gaye' in the title. This tune is not out for nearly two months but I think you all need to be aware of it and prepared for it. What Parov Stelar (in the real world, Austrian Marcus Furder) has done with this track is take Gaye's classic 'Got To Give It Up' vocal and give a modern, European dance treatment that, well, it just works really, really well. The dirty bassline, sombre piano and relaxed disco beat slow the vocal right down and make the tune almost mournful but just the right side of uplifting. Throw in some nice horns, a few synths and one damn funky guitar riff and you have yourself a potential club smash for discerning clubbers across the country - we're not talking about the meat markets on the high street, we're talking about the clubs we're people go because the DJs have a good reputation for playing the best new stuff. And some of that stuff will be coming from Parov Stelar this year so keep an eye out for this single as well as his album, 'The Art Of Sampling', due out in November.

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1st October - Heaven, London