Model Aeroplanes - Crazy 
Model Aeroplanes - Crazy

Release Date: 16th September

Take four mates teetering on the legal age for drinking, pummel them with 21st century music, get their hair done by One Direction and give them the Vaccines' stylist before giving them a childhood spent well away from the bright lights and see what you get. Sure, it might be littered with sweeping generalisations, but as a statement that pretty much sums up Dundee quartet Model Aeroplanes. 'Crazy' is a belting indie-pop smasher that is full of Vampire Weekend-isms and Franz Ferdinands sense of cool but with an accessible chorus that might just hook in the teen audience and their lamentable attention spans. The most positive thing is that here we have four lads, nay mates, who have just got together to have a stab at something and it's worked out pretty well. Not a hint of a talent show in sight.

Live Dates:

7th September - Arches, Glasgow (w/Vigo Thieves)