Milo’s Planes – More Free Music EP 
Milo's Planes - More Free Music EP

Release Date: 2nd September

Seven minutes. What can you do in seven minutes? Whip up a tasty salad? Smoke two or three cigarettes? Have some particularly mediocre sex? Organise your sock drawer? Write a postcard to a prisoner on death row from your local seaside resort saying "wish you were here"? Not a lot, basically. So it's fairly impressive that Bristol duo Milo's Planes have put together an EP of 5 songs that totals seven minutes and eleven seconds in length  - this is distilled punk with about as many frills as a the English Defence League has good ideas. Opener 'Captain!' is just an all-out, no holds barred assault on the senses full of distortion, crashing drums and screamed/shouted vocals. There is a riff and a chord change in there so it counts as a song but it's mental all the same! 'Here's Another Reason' sounds like the theme tune to some anarchic kid's TV show from the 80s that never got commissioned featuring Alexi Sayle encouraging kids to ransack the homes of Tory politicians in search for prizes or just snaffled miner's wages. That is to say, it's fun, child-like and a little bit menacing all rolled in to one tight little package.

It is on 'Like Vultures', however, that the pair of brothers flex their muscles a little more mixing Arctic Monkeys more recent work and Queens of the Stone Age with their undeniable punk influences to create something a little more textured and long lasting. 'Nothing New' continues the onslaught and makes me want to match them up with another noise-obsessed duo I have grown to love, One Man Team Dance, to see what moments of utter, noise-filled, detainee-terrorising madness they can create. Final track, 'Etch-O Man' almost has a Blues Rock'n'Roll intro before descending in to the kind of noise we have, by now, become accustomed to. I'm not going to suggest that this music is ground braking or life changing but, for me, it is gratifying and reassuring. You see, these guys are in a tonne of bands between them and this is just one of their outlets through which they are sampling just one of music's many facets. When they start to hone in on what it is they really want to do they will bring elements of all of this with them and this EP will have been a big part of that journey. My only worry is how many songs they will need before they can fill a standard half hour gig slot - by my reckoning they'll need around 20 to fill 30 minutes and that means basically writing two albums worth of songs before setting foot on a stage!