Marnie - The Hunter (Soft Power Records) 
Marnie - The Hunter

Release Date: 12th August 2013

I love a good 80s cartoon made by Japanese or Korean animators. Largely because a) I was variously aged between 1 and 10 during the 80s and b) they invariably had amazing if slightly overblown theme tunes (see Cities of Gold as a reference point). This debut solo offering from Ladytron member Marnie, 'The Hunter', could easily be the theme tune to a 148 episode animated epic about a young homeless girl having to rely on her instinct and, perhaps, telepathic ability to find her way back to her father while avoiding capture by the authorities who wish to harness her powers. The rumbling, synthetic bass surges forward while the distant wails and choppy, sweeping synths conjure a Bladerunner-esque dystopian future but the quietly confident vocals and optimistic tones give this song a lift and sense of hope. The B-side to this 7" release is the similarly filmic 'The Wind Breezes On', complete with pulsing keys and the dull thud of a beat in the distant like the ominous approach of The Corporation (I'm literally just making up baddies now, this is fun). These songs are bound to go down a storm in the uber-cool clubs of Hoxton and Dalston but I urge you to just enjoy them for what they are and appreciate their innocent beauty. Either that, or go to one of those clubs and request that they play the theme to Cities of Gold - just to see if anyone notices or at least cracks a smile...