Lizzie & The Yes Men - Unstoppable (100M Records) 
Lizzie & The Yes Mean - Unstoppable

Release Date: 19th August 2013

Describing yourself as Tarantino Surf Pop is a pretty big claim to hit people with but that is exactly what East Londoners Lizzie & The Yes Men have done with the promo for their new single, 'Unstoppable'. I see what they're getting at, there are some twangy, Dick Dale esque guitars hidden in and around this track but for my money there is a lot more Britishness and macabre eccentricity to this than 'Tarantino Surf Pop' suggests. Singer Lizzie Holdforth has a sultry, sexiness about her performance and seems to be channelling Emma Thompson in Tutti Frutti in a number of ways. The band behind her, the aforementioned Yes Men, seem to be inspired more by the likes of My Life Story, the Divine Comedy or David Devant and His Spirit Wife than anything the West Coast of America has to offer. At nearly five minutes long I would suggest this song is ever so slightly longer than it needs to be but I'd rather have five minutes of mischievously sultry indie pop than 5 seconds of most of the other things gracing the airwaves at the moment so who  am I to split hairs!?