Lionhall - Soldiers (Tiny Lights Recordings) 
Lionhall - Soldiers

Release Date: 26th August 2013

Newcastle based duo Lionhall with another with another serving of The XX with bigger beats and more powerful vocals. 'Soldiers' has beats that Sleigh Bells would be proud of and the kind of wistful guitars that are so popular these days which underpin the ranging vocals. But that's kind of it. Sure this atmospheric and sparse but almost to the point of evoking zero emotion. It's a conundrum as the music has a fairly organic feel to it, beats aside, but the overriding feeling I am left with is one of emptiness. Maybe that's what Lionhall were going for and, if so, they've hit the nail on the head, but it just leaves me feeling a little hollow and flat I'm afraid.  

Live Dates:

4th August - Bernicia Festival, South Shields
9th August - O2 Academy, Newcastle (w/Lulu James)

13th August - Think Tank, Newcastle (w/Victories at Sea)