Kindred Shins - Yes To Rioting Notoriety (A Girl Called Grace Records) 
Kindred Shins - Yes To Rioting Notoriety

Release Date: 30th September 2013

Bands that describe themselves as Stoner Rock always bring to mind, my mind, audible images of bands creating naval gazing, self-absorbed songs that they think are incredibly deep but are actually just muddy messes of noodling and incomprehensible lyrics. So, imagine my delight when self-professed Stoner Rockers, Kindred Shins, turned out to be a little bit special - they must be smoking something different. The London quartet present this six track EP for your listening pleasure so sit back, relax and let's have a blast. There are two things you will immediately notice about first track 'Regain Your Poise Hysterical Woman; a) it has a great title and b) it has an even better riff. The Bluesy hypnotic twisting guitars are mirrored by a pumping bass line and funky, Stone Roses-esque drumming. 'Sweet And The Strange' starts more pensively but there is a brooding menace in the understated guitars and, sure enough, a scuzzy, snarling, foul breathed beast soon emerges to tempt you in to the muddy swamp waters of the Kindred Shins imagination.

There is no let up on 'She Floats Just Like The Witch', a tune with one of the most prominent bass lines I've heard in a while, as the four musicians of the apocalypse resurrect the rotting bones of many a blues rock band and merge it with Madchester/Baggy beats to create something of genuine worth. The closest thing I can liken this to is the short lived 90s outfit Orphic Soop and these guys are way better than that. 'Red Eye Blues' has got Hendrix all over it and you can almost hear the tongue on the fret board as the guitars chug and squeal throughout the song. What's more, 'We Both Know But Ain't Saying Nothing', carries that Hendrix style through but turns up the groove factor and, if you close your eyes, you can just imagine a room full of kids discovering rock'n'roll for the first time getting VERY turned on by the sheer sex appeal of this song. It's a strong collection of songs that shows a huge amount of promise which Kindred Shins are already delivering on. Time to get yourselves involved.

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Live Dates:

22nd August - Proud Galleries, Camden
14th September - Balstock Festival, Baldock
28th September - The Constitution, Camden (Single Launch Party)
4th October - 100 Club, London

18th October - Scala, London