Esper Scout - Assumpta Tang 
Esper Scout - Assumpta Tang

This Leeds 4 piece has got me split down the middle. It's not often I find myself sitting on the fence with a band I've never heard before but the four woman that make up Esper Scout have torn me asunder. This single, on the one hand is huge, awesome and mind bogglingly intense. However, on the other hand, 'Assumpta Tang' makes me want to stick bleach in my ears and then set fire to it. Perhaps I should explain. You see, the hypnotic riffs and melodies combined with the sheer force of the rhythm section really are something to behold and previous comparisons to the likes of Oceansize are not unfounded. The structure of the song, the way it builds in to an almightily cacophonous crescendo of an ending is genuinely a thing of beauty. But you'll notice there's one thing I haven't mentioned above; the vocals. Now I'm not keen on putting pitch perfectness above passion or using autotune at every possible opportunity but there is something to be said for either singing in tune or just going balls out for the roar - Esper Scout don't quite achieve either and that's what annoys me so much. It's so frustrating when bands flirt with greatness but don't quite seal the deal. I'll be back for more, I know that much, but I'll be hoping for the cherry on the icing on the cake.

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Live dates:

14th August - Carpe Diem, Leeds
26th August - Glaston-BURY, Manchester

7th September - Eiger Studios, Leeds