Creatures of Love – Sutra Sweet 
Creatures Of Love - Sutra Sweet

Release Date: 19th August

There's a gimmick to this single which I don't normally like to take any notice of before I've listened to the music so I won't mention it just yet (although the more observant among you may have already spotted it). Creatures of Love are a London based trio trading in dark, industrial and menacing soundscapes  wrapped up in a delicious vocal bow provided by the seductive Bonita. 'Sutra Sweet' is pure serial killer music, the kind of sound you'd find your ex-Geography teacher rocking slowly back and forth to in the basement of his family home after he'd finally finished killing off each of his 1992 first form class that caused him to have a mental breakdown. Y'know, grimy noises with a grinding, mechanical beat that Tricky, Massive Attack, NIN or Depeche Mode would love to get their hands on. Now on to that gimmick which is, as the picture above shows, that each physical copy of this single will be available to buy in a hand decorated, recycled 7" sleeve on CD which is not only extremely creative and fun but also a great use of Oxfam's old stock from whence it has been sourced. Either that or they just raided their old Geography teacher's record collection and that' what made him finally snap...