Bombers - Forecast/The Way You Think You Look (Dead London Records) 
Bombers - Forecast/The Way You Think You Look

Release Date: 5th August 2013

Time for a bit of brooding, twitchy indie from Birmingham Indie quartet Bombers with their new AA side single, 'Forecast/The Way You Think You Look'. The first track is a jerky, sneering song with Mark E Smith tendencies and a vibe that Maximo Park, Joy Division or Art Brut would happily (oh the irony) absorb. 'Forecast' is a decent enough tune but it doesn't really plumb deep enough depths or sour to high enough heights to make me engage with it on any serious level. Sadly, the link for the 'The Way You Think You Look' doesn't seem to be working so I can't hear the other half of this single but I did read that the band had been described as 'recession pop' by their label and I can't think of anything worse than embracing the feeling a recession and writing music about it. We need rebellion, escapism, optimism, fighting spirit not the sense that we might as well just roll over and accept what we get. Worrying times.

Live Dates:
10th August - Hollis Woods Community Church, New York
30th August - The Workshop, London
28th September - Buffalo Bar, London