Allman Brown feat. Liz Lawrence - Sons and Daughters (Akira Records) 
Allman Brown feat. Liz Lawrence - Sons & Daughters

Release Date: 2nd September 2013

First things first, as they should be; this is a genuinely lovely song. The vocal harmonies that build in gentle intensity between Brown and Lawrence are like the gathering heat of a fire as the sun gives up the ghost on an early winter's eve. The warmth and richness of texture that this song exudes has a charming quality that draws you in to be enveloped by comfort, homeliness and familiarity. Hints of Damien Rice and Mumford & Sons will put many off but once you get over your snobbery you will realise that 'Sons and Daughters' is actually a thing of quiet beauty that will surely be sound tracking a moment of heart wrenching grief and sorrow followed by relief and redemption in, at the very least, a BBC drama very soon. Last things last, as they always are; the lyrical content here is refreshingly well thought out as Brown and Lawrence sing the words of an old couple, intertwined with true and enduring love looking back down the years before, at the very death of the song, reminding themselves that such remembrances are still to come. Such is the strength of the love in this story, the couple already know that their twilight years will be spent together, no matter what trials and tribulations they face together. Heart warming stuff.  

Live Dates:

13th September - Old St Pancras Church, London