Alistair Griffin & Leddra Chapman feat. Grimethorpe Colliery Band - The One (Dramatico) 
Alistair Griffin & Leddra Chapman - The One

Release Date: 9th September

Now, I know ex-contestants from shortlived BBC talent shows are not the usual fodder for this blog but if I get sent stuff to review then I am duty bound to review it (the bloggers oath n'all that). Plus the fact that Griffin is about to embark on a tour, the profits of which will all be given to the Trussell Trust's Foodbank drive, is pretty laudable. Anyway, on to the music; 'The One' starts of as an emo-folk-pop duet that would easily the next Twilight soundtrack but Griffin has obviously learned a thing or two about songwriting over the years and Leddra Chapman has a hauntingly beautiful voice that has the power to back up the talent. And then there's the Colliery Band. That's right, Griffin's gone and drafted in a whole Colliery Band from the ridiculously unattractive sounding Grimethorpe, to give the song that big, uplifting, BBC sports montage sound. In all fairness, 'The One' is actually a pretty good love song with plenty of power behind it and, let's face it, nobody is going to mess with Griffin when he's got Leddra and the Grimethorpe boys backing him up are they?

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Live Dates:

16th September - The Outhouse, Edinburgh
17th September - Wharf Chambers, Leeds
18th September - Thomas Bar, Manchester
23rd September - The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff
25th September - The Brit Club, Nottingham

26th September - The Regal Room, London