Your Favorite Enemies - Youthful Dreams of an Old Empire (Hopeful Tragedy Records) 
Your Favorite Enemies - Youthful Dreams Of An Old Empire

Release Date: 8th July 2013

From time to time, I come across bands that I have never heard of (never mind heard) who have seemingly amassed a huge following and an intensely loyal fanbase. Canadian rockers Your Favorite Enemies are one such band and, despite the fact that they do that annoying thing of dropping the 'u' from favourite, I can completely understand why this sextet have attracted such attention. Opening track, 'A View From Within', is a dark, brooding rock behemoth that builds so gradually you hardly even notice. Fusing Depeche Mode at the most energetic, Garbage at their most mischievous and take a lead from anything Trent Reznor has touched, 'A View From Within' would be perfect for the soundtrack of the next Bond film or any of the Lisbeth Salander outings. The outrageously Emo-titled 'Empire of Sorrows' is up next and  it entirely lives up to its title. Atmospheric guitars, semi-spoken word vocals and a wonderfully dirgy riff make for a Placebo vs Perfect Circle mash up that is hard to resist wallowing in. Final track, 'Satsuki Yami', is an instrumental affair full of distortion and delay that is pleasing enough but feels more like an album filler than anything you would think is important enough to make up a third of a release. All in all, though, the first two tracks make this well worth your time so try immersing yourself in some Canadian dark rock, it'll make you want to wear black leather and walk through crowded city streets at night with big headphones on and a sense of purpose.