The Steinbecks - At Arkaroo Rock (Matinee Recordings) 
The Steinbecks - At Arkaroo Rock

Release Date: 6th August 2013

I don't like cricket. I'm not bothered about Rugby. I've met some genuinely awesome Australians during my travels across the planet. Put all that together and I really don't get the rivalry that's supposed to exist between the English and the Australian people. Needless to say, The Steinbecks are an antipodean bunch and, apparently, this is their first release in over 6 years so what took them so long? Well, 'At Arkaroo Rock' is a gentle, lilting, meandering song with dreamy, Chris Isaak guitars and bass line that waitresses will simply have to wiggle their bums to. There is a sunset feeling to this song that could only have been conceived on a warm summer's evening after a few beers by a band of good friends who are either in love or just goddamn happy. Which is kinda sickening but then the melancholy undertones save the song and everything is alright again.   

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