Rayne - Raise The Alarm (Ambicon Music Group) 
Rayne - Raise The Alarm

Everyone has a period of music that they will look back on as the soundtrack to their musical puberty. For me it was the Britpop vs Grunge era. For others it might be Madchester or 90s rave culture. For Rayne, that period seems to have been the more earnest end of the Nu-metal era with the likes of Linkin Park, Evanescence and Hoobastank. We're talking heavy beats, neo-classical guitar work, soul rending vocals and a smattering of synths. 'Raise The Alarm' sees the Sunderland trio take these influences and give them the full Muse bombast treatment to do something that I haven't heard a band do in a long time - be unashamedly confident about wanting to make stadium sized rock anthems that crowds will wave mobile phones to and girls will cry cheap mascara over. There are only two things that bug me about this song:

1) I just can't imagine listening to this in a half empty venue and not feeling slightly embarrassed (but that's probably more to do with my own issues than the music).

2) The chorus of "Raise the alarm" is pronounced with a flat "the" when a more pronounce "thee", to me, would sound much better. Again, probably my own issues but what am I sitting on my own in this room for if not to pick holes in things that nobody else has even noticed. Eh?

Live Dates:
4th July - Bakers Vaults, Stockport

6th July - The Park Inn, Hartlepool