NARCS - 19 (Clue Records) 
NARCS - 19

Release Date: 20th July 2013

Well this is an enigma and a half. I would have put money on Leeds quartet NARCS being your average, run of the mill, indie rock band with fewer ideas than the BNP and about as much creativity as an accountant. In my defence, the first four seconds of '19' sounds like the opening of a thinly disguised Bluetones rip-off but then, well, then they let rip. '19' has all the youthful but articulate angst of early Arctic Monkeys material mixed with the rock'n'roll cool of Queens of the Stone Age and the sneery swagger of Oasis at their very best. However, despite these comparisons, NARCS have definitely carved a niche of their own with huge riffs (bloody sexy riffs actually), engaging lyrics and an enigmatically named singer, Wilko, who can switch from rasping rock god to crooning indie-pop charmer. It's so rare these days to come across a band with talent, ideas and confidence but it's even more rare to find all of these within a two and a half minute belter of a tune so I can only hope these guys can follow up with an equally strong album later in the year. Don't let me down, boys.

Live Dates:
11th July - Carpe Diem, Leeds
12th July - Pure, Sunderland
14th July - Oporto, Leeds
9th August - Warehouse 23, Wakefield

17th November - Blues Bar, Harrogate